PFTP manages a dedicated flatbed truck to answer the needs of Florence and all of Pinal County! We can handle motorcycles, ATVs, and even small watercraft! Our operators are licensed professionals drawing on over seventy years of experience—how could you go wrong?

After securing your vehicle to our in-house safety standards, we will deliver it with precision care to your intended destination, whether local or a little out of town. Professional towing technicians are professional drivers, which means they know how to navigate the various obstacles on the road and meet their deadlines no matter the complications. Your vehicle is in the safest possible hands.

We can also tow hitch-style trailers. In such cases, we ask that you remove or secure any loose or freestanding items within the trailer to prevent property damage.

*Some weight limitations will apply. Vehicles exceeding 15,000 pounds are ineligible for this service*